Best Awards held alongside a Conference


Breakthrough Prize Ceremony – Breakthrough Prize Foundation

The Breakthrough Prize is the world’s largest science prize, awarding six prizes annually worth $3 million dollars each, to scientists who have made major discoveries in Life Sciences, Fundamental Physics, and Mathematics. These outstanding researchers are transforming our understanding of the Universe, life and mind. The aim is to raise the profile of science in popular culture and celebrate the pursuit of scientific careers, with the ultimate motivation to get as many people as possible thinking about the big questions of life and the Universe. Committees of previous laureates choose the winners from candidates nominated in a process that’s online and open to the public. The Breakthrough Prizes are sponsored by Sergey Brin, Pony Ma, Anne Wojcicki, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, and Yuri and Julia Milner. The event takes place in a stunning environment – Hanger 1 at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA, where the lunar missions were conceived and developed. It is produced by Don Mischer Productions, whose work includes the Oscars, Emmys, Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and Super Bowl halftime. Vanity Fair host the dinner and reception. Watch highlights of the most recent show here:

New Civil Engineer TechFest Awards 2019 – Emap

The New Civil Engineer TechFest Awards recognise and reward those projects, teams and companies doing most to harness technologies that drive the construction industry forward. Taking place as part of the Festival of Innovation, this one-day event is a thought provoking, immersive gathering designed to stimulate the brightest minds in civil engineering. The awards were conceived after having launched our very first Future Technology Forum in 2015. After two years of just a standalone conference, the Festival of Innovation & Technology was born; a 24 hour event culminating in an awards ceremony for over 350 attendees. Whilst it had been important to inspire and excite the industry with what future advances were on the horizon, New Civil Engineer recognised the need to celebrate what was being achieved now, giving companies lots of lessons to take back to their organisations.

Nursing Times Workforce Summit & Awards – Emap

A true example of team work with each division, production, marketing, sales and operations outperforming targets and delivering an event that shines a light on the most topical issue in nursing at present and goes some way to helping organisations to address serious workforce sustainability issues. An excellent example of delivering a new event at pace, while managing challenging periods of overlapping event timelines and maintaining high standards.

Talent in Logistics Awards & Conference – Talent in Logistics

Wholly owned by a charitable trust (CAPITB Limited), Talent in Logistics was specifically developed to support HR, L&D and Operational professionals within the transport, logistics and warehousing industry; as well as celebrating the blue collar workers that may not otherwise be recognised, but are integral to the success of our sector.

Held annually, the Talent in Logistics awards and conference is dedicated to the recruitment, development, engagement and retention of the 2.2 million+ people working in the industry and is a chance for professionals to get together and recognise and reward the people that are central to their success.

Throughout the event the over-arching themes are Attract, Develop and Engage. Therefore the conference theatres and their sessions, the competitions and the awards categories all align with these key messages.

Talent in Logistics is passionate about this event being a professional training and development day-out and to ensure we as an industry support those looking to enter or progress across the sector.

The Middle East Legal Awards & Corporate Counsel Forum Middle East – ALM

The inaugural awards took place seven years ago, one year after the forum was launched. The awards celebrate achievement, excellence and innovation in the legal profession throughout the region. This compliments our topical conference which offers peer-to-peer networking.

Working in conjunction with a regional partner who has a strong following amongst a group that we have traditionally had difficulty engaging with works greatly to our benefit.

We have nominations that stem from 16 countries across the Middle East and the awards have consistently delivered over 300 attendees since inception.

Our cross-event marketing through multiple channels in dual languages has led to a loyal following and cemented us as the leading legal awards ceremony in the region.