Best Awards Team

C Squared Networks – Awards Team

Festival of Media (FOM) organises a range of award shows targeting the media & marketing industry, with entrants from all over the globe. Some of the awards shows will be embedded in a 1-2 day conferences, while some of our awards shows are self-standing events. The Festival of Media Global Awards are the only awards dedicated to the evolution of media, celebrating the best in media thinking and communications across the world. The Festival of Media Awards takes place in five cities including Rome (Global), Singapore (APAC), Dubai (MENA), Miami (LatAm) and new to 2017, New York (N. America). To give you an even better idea of scale – we are speaking ~20 categories per event, 60-110 shortlist jurors and 20-30 final judges and a lot of entrants per event.

If you are looking for the ability to handle a high workload, look no further. The main challenge for the Awards team is to work simultaneously on different events (in different stages) as well as within different time zones, as our clients are spread throughout the globe. We wake up discussing with Asia, and go to bed answering to America, while on Sundays we keep in touch with UAE – there is no rest for the Awards team and despite their dedication to work, there will be some clients who we will never be chatting live with – which doesn’t say that we haven’t called Australia or New Zealand late at night.

Emap Publishing – Architecture Awards Team

The Architecture Awards Team at Emap made a collective decision to do fewer but better awards in 2017 reducing the portfolio from 12 to 8 awards, including one new launch event where they had identified a gap in the market. The worked together collaboratively and focused on giving the 8 awards in the portfolio a more comprehensive campaign, improved judging processes and a more personal approach which made the difference in both generating additional sponsorship, entry revenue and table sales. In particular, the new launch event, the AJ Architecture Awards, exceeded target and established itself as a must-attend event in it’s first year due to the team focusing on a transparent judging process and generating excitement around the event. As a result the portfolio revenue grew 30% and profit 38% YOY.

Haymarket Media Group – Awards Team

The past 12 months were a proving ground for the Haymarket Awards team. After a restructure in December 2015 we are a more successful and stronger team. We have a well-defined team structure allowing us to tackle a challenging year including 6 new launches and acquisitions. The Haymarket Awards team is well-established in the industry for delivering transparent, industry-leading judging processes, aligning our events with our strong brand content, and always delivering slick, turn-key events. And the secret to our success is undoubtedly our people. Every member of the team simply loves showing up to work – and this shines through at our events. In 2017 we delivered 28 Award programmes including 6 new launches or acquisitions. We believe the past year has been our strongest yet, both in great team dynamics thanks to retention and recruitment of staff, and – most importantly – we have taken tough financial targets in our stride and met or exceeded them across the board.

Incisive Media – Incisive Media Operations Team

Incisive Business Media Event Operations team is comprised of 8 talented, diverse individuals, with a varied portfolio of events, market knowledge and a combined 32 years’ experience in the industry, each offering expertise in different areas of the field. Working across several brands provokes us to find innovative ways of sharing best practice tips with each other to capitalise on the wealth of knowledge amongst us. The team are highly proficient multi-taskers who are adept at juggling a variety of events simultaneously.

Just half a year after a major business split, the team has become smarter, greener and more innovative than ever. They are everything a market-leading event operations team should be and continue to keep originality, creativity and efficiency at the core of their stimulating conceptions.

Informa Business Intelligence – BI Events Team

They say events management is one of the most stressful careers, however this project team effortlessly navigates through any event project management challenges with tact, solution focus and best guest experience at heart. The Informa Business Intelligence Events Team is not your ordinary events logistics team. Through many years in the business the team has gained an in-depth industry knowledge in the markets they serve, allowing the team to regularly provide guidance to their industry experts and wider stakeholders. The team understands their industries, audiences and cultural differences allowing them to guide the events strategy and influence decisions on all aspects of the events cycle.

Each member brings a diverse range of industry experience and everyone’s unique skillset perfectly complement each other making this team a formidable force. Most of all, being part of the Informa Business Intelligence Events team means you have 100% support from your colleagues 365 days a year.