Best Judging Process

UKHospitality – Operations Managers Awards

The UKHospitality Operations Managers Awards recognise and reward the very best Operations Managers in the hospitality sector. They are so often the unsung heroes, with the company and the brand taking the plaudits, yet for the UKHospitality the role of Operations Managers is the vital link between the brand owner or franchise / lease company and successful Operations Managers are simply the difference between success and failure for some businesses. They drive unit managers and business owners forward through encouragement, passion and knowledge. All of those who work in this rewarding and challenging environment deserve the recognition these Awards bring to this role and to the sector as a whole.

Chamberlain Dunn – Healthcare People Management Association

The country’s biggest and most complex workforce deserves the best people management. The Healthcare People Management Association’s Excellence awards set out to find the best and spread the word so others can benefit. We created a robust two-tier judging process, involving over 50 judges, experts in their specialties and from throughout the UK. The judging criteria are carefully defined with at least three judges shortlisting each category via on on-line system. From there the top three scoring entrants go forward to present to judging panels. This underpins a highly successful awards programme which benefits patients and reinforces their charity mission to improve health through people.

The ways this judging process stands out:

  • every entrant gains personal feedback on their submission
  • each year a changing group of judges is exposed to an exhilarating snapshot of best practice across the UK to inspire their own practice
  • judges and entrants alike praise the organisation of the judging day
  • the recognition for HR projects with media partnerships with The Guardian and Health Service Journal
  • every HPMA member is able to read and hear from all our finalists in our Winners’ Guide, regional roadshow events and national conference.

C Squared Networks – Festival of Media Awards – Global, APAC, Latam & North America

The Festival of Media Awards have started 11 years ago, and since then grown steadily worldwide. We give media agencies a space to showcase their work. Throughout 4-5 award events each year FOM are the only awards to celebrate the best media campaigns worldwide, open to all those involved in brand communication.

Our judging process combines a robust system and great juries, and gives our entries the best judgement possible.

A shortlisting judging round based on written entries ensures the entry has to speak for itself, and all aspects of a campaign have to deliver for the entry to make it through to the shortlist.

The final judging and its constellation of a balanced panel is a great representation of the industries and all the stakeholders, ensuring winners tick all the boxes for a great and successful campaign.

Our judging system for the final judging days allows a smooth and anonymous judging process, and guarantees that no judge is influenced by another one in the room.

Together with the last ingredient, a strong jury chair leading the panel ensures that all Festival of Media Awards have successful judging days.

Incisive Media – Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017

The Fund Manager of the Year Awards sets about recognising the contribution, skill and expertise of the fund managers themselves. The categories are based on the wide range of asset classes available in the fund management industry and the application process is a mixture of quantitative and qualitative elements.

The awards were already considered the most sought after in the industry but we wanted to take it further for 2017. We adapted the one stage qualitative judging panel and instead created a two stage qualitative judging process to make the process invincible.

Stage one involved a super panel of judges with the best fund analysts in the UK, our category judges which resulted in the recruitment of 92 judges across all the categories that were experts in their chosen asset class.

Then in stage two of the judging process involved the Grand Judging Panel, the original panel who have judged the awards for many years. They used the quantitative data, the completed questionnaires and the recommendations from the category judges.

The combination of all of this decided the winners, creating the most robust and thorough judging process in the industry.

Legal Geek – Legal Geek Awards

The Legal Geek Awards focussed on quantitative qualifying based on web traffic to our market leading startup map. At the awards startups are welcomed with a drum roll, they pitch to industry experts with points for creativity, resulting in custom T-shirts and props.

Startups only have 2 x minutes to pitch which is timed on a giant gravity powered domino timer (powered by pool balls) and all winners are announced with a drum roll. We like innovation, but we really love having fun. Our awards and conference trended on Twitter with over 11 million impressions globally on #LegalGeek

Macmillan Cancer Support – Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards

The Macmillan Professionals Excellence Awards have been developed to recognise outstanding individuals and teams providing the highest standards of cancer care. The award categories have been devised to promote activities that Macmillan recognises are of strategic importance to the improvement of cancer services across the UK.

The judging process has been refined since the Awards were first launched in 2012, ensuring that a wide range of stakeholders are involved, including people living with cancer as well as service providers. The process is both supportive and comprehensive, enabling nominees to present themselves effectively, and ensuring that only the highest standards of cancer care are recognised.

The Awards have grown in stature over six years, and are now recognised across cancer care services as a mark of the highest quality. Achieving the status of being a finalist, and presenting your service to your peers provides the recognition that all finalists deserve, and the awards ceremony truly celebrates the achievements of the winners.

The 2017 winners were announced at a ceremony held on 16 November which was attended by 350 delegates and guests, and was hosted by world-cup winning former rugby union player and Dancing on Ice Champion, Kyran Bracken.

The Dating Awards – UK Dating Awards

The Dating Awards was created by award-winning blogger Charly Lester, following a series of emails from blog readers asking her which apps, websites and matchmaking services she recommended. Instead of simply giving her opinion, Charly created the The Dating Awards. Every year a panel of top industry experts selects the best of the online and offline dating industries. The judging process is a part of the Awards which Charly has taken a great deal of care to put together. It takes place over a three-week period. Finalists are determined from the content of entry forms, then the judging panel do a deep-dive of entries, marking them each out of 30, across 6 different areas per award. At the end of the judging period the judges meet to decide the winners of all 20 categories. The Judging Process has an Appeals Process which has never been invoked, but which involves the industry trade body – The Online Dating Association – acting as an impartial reviewer of all notes and marking forms recorded during the judging process. Entrants can also request summary documents detailing areas of success and areas of their entries requiring improvement.