The Awards Awards

Friday 17th May 2019, etc.venues 133 Houndsditch

Still time to enter ……

The Deadline for entries has passed but some categories remain open – if you’d still like to enter, are struggling to put the finishing touches to your entry or just need a little extra time to complete, then please get in touch with 

What better way to showcase your Awards Ceremony to your clients and colleagues than by being able to boast you are an ‘Awards Winner’ yourself?  The third annual Awards Awards is the place to make that happen.

The First Awards Awards in 2016 was greeted with surprise and incredulity with a feature in Private eye mocking the absurdity of the notion…and in year 2 when regular Awards Host Stephen Fry heard about the event he told his podcast listeners that “there is now an Awards ceremony to celebrate the best awards ceremonies – as they say in America ‘I s**t you not!'”

With a stellar ceremony, to take place on at lunchtime on Friday 17th May at etc.venues 133 Houndsditch this is the opportunity to celebrate all things Awards.  Whichever sector your awards represent, whether your event is established or new to the market there is a category for you….

You could join our fabulous list of Awards Awards 2018 winners (or repeat your success!) – see the full list here.

What previous entrants have to say:

“The AwardAwards surpassed my expectations. Not only in terms of its size but the quality & range of attendees and the execution of the event. I recall when this was a small event but it has grown to become the “Oscars” for all award professionals. The benefits of entering, being shortlisted and in our case winning are huge. Last Friday we won two awards. This morning we secured a new major new sponsor who had been sitting on the fence but was convinced to book because of the awards we won last week”.

Matt Brookes, Publisher, Informa

‘The Awards Awards are a fantastic platform for professionals within the sector to showcase their best work and get recognised for their successes. Becoming a judge is a great privilege for me and I look forward to reviewing all the entries and seeing who’s disrupting the industry!’

Pip Langdon, Head of Awards, Procurement Leaders

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