The winners of the inaugural 2017 Awards Awards were announced at the lunchtime ceremony at Plaisterers’ Hall on Friday the 12th May. Click here to see the full list of winners, together with recipients of the Silver and Bronze awards.

There was a tremendous response and the diverse line-up reflects the vibrancy and dynamism evident in the UK Awards sector.

Its a brave company that hosts an awards ceremony for awards organisers but you absolutely excelled yourselves!
Natalie Samson, Head of Awards and Events, Women in Film and Television UK

Very proud to have been a judge for the launch edition of the Awards Awards!  The standard was very high and I’m sure this will continue for 2018!  Great to see entries from differenct locations outside the UK too.  Congratulations to all the winners!
Becky Crayman, Programme Director, Awards & Managed Events

Watch footage from Friday’s ceremony

“Award Programmes are vital for the ongoing, independent measurement of all industries. They act as a key check and balance to ensure that good practise runs through companies for the good of all consumers. The Awards Awards acts as the arbiter of all of those individual Award Programmes, ensuring best behaviour, recognition and reward cascades from top to bottom of all business sectors in the UK and beyond.”
Simone Broadhurst, Events Director, Incisive Media

“To impress a single client is a matter of patience and adaptability.  To impress one’s peers is a matter of consistency.  Recognition at the Awards Awards is testament to one’s determination, strength and professionalism.  Judging friendly competitors is a responsibility I am honoured to embrace.  The ceremony itself will, I am sure, be something to behold.  I salute the Awards Awards team’s bravery in producing this dinner: hundreds of awards professionals scrutinising their organisational skill isn’t something everyone would volunteer to do!”
Andrew Perry, Director, Events Consultant, Perry Events

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